Saturday, December 31, 2016

Six more family members!

                      The week before Christmas, six more puppies became a part of our family! As much as we love these little ones, we are making them available to become a part of your family! How can you resist?!

                                                                     ~~ All six~~

                                                             ~~ pretty little gals~~
   ~~the handsome guys~~

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Meet our newest stocking stuffers!

  Well, ok. We don't exactly stuff our stockings with these cutie pies, but they definitely make great Christmas presents! It might just require a bigger box under the tree..... =)


                                                               Three sweet girls!

                                                               Three handsome fellas!

My first Christmas!
 (don't you think I should get a sleeper that says that?!)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Just Two Girls Left!

These two girls are the only girls we still have available! They are ten weeks old and are growing so quickly! 

                                                                  Princess Tiara!
                                            Will you be my fur-ever family?! Pretty please?

                                                      Do you pick me or do I pick you?

                                                  What?? More pictures?! Again?!

                                                                 Sweet Tasha!

Do you need to find the perfect back-to-school gift? We've got one for you! A cuddly, loveable puppy....what more could a child want?! Contact us soon to adopt one of these sweethearts for your very own!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Play Time!!

                                                       Bouvier play time!
These little girls ( well uh, not so little anymore :) spent the afternoon playing on our porch! They had a blast playing with a squeaky ball and just being rowdy with each other!

                                                         Tiarra, Twila, and Tacey

                                                       Ooh....this looks like a fun toy!
                               If I smile at the camera, do I get an extra belly rub tonight? Pretty please?!

 Um, excuse me, but are you my furever family?

                                  This ball is starting to get a little boring ... where's my sister?

                                                            Ah, let's just relax!

                                                           This makes a cozy nest!

                                  Chewy balls are the best!! (oh, er, maybe belly rubs are better.....)

                                                                  Time for a break!

                                                                        Who are you?

                                                 Oh, ha ha! You're the one with the camera!
          Oh, good bye for now! Come see me soon! I want to meet my new furever family!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Let's Celebrate!

  Happy Independence Day from our home to yours!

    Our puppies will be sure to melt your heart! They are growing by the day and are eagerly looking forward to meeting their "fur"ever families!
                                                                Please, pick ME!!
                                                 If I sit real still, do I get an extra belly rub?

                                                                I already love you!!
                                                          Are you my new family?
                                                 Can I have a ride please?......pretty please?
                                                  Can I pick you for my mommy?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Look Who's Growing!

      We are happy to introduce you to the newest additions to our family- Liberty and Patriot's seven precious babies! 

                                                           Sisters make the best friends!

                                                                 ~~the two boys~~

Our New Guardian Family Program!