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Back to school SALE!!

 Our pets are always learning aren't they? 

  To celebrate "back to school", we are offering a 35% discount on all our doggie apparel until September 2. Use the code BCK2SCHOOL17 at time of purchase. Happy shopping!

Happy 6 month Birthday, Gigi!

                       Happy 6 month Birthday, Gigi!!
We were very happy to have you a part of our family as a puppy and we were so excited to share you with your forever family this spring! We know they have taken wonderful care of you and showered you with lots of lovin's!! We wish you a long, healthy and happy life ahead!
    ~~ Your first family, the Bradfords

I wanted to touch base since our sweet Gigi turned six months old yesterday. She is the best dog ever. Such a sweet disposition, always happy and friendly, loving and fun. We can't believe we waited so long to have a new furrever friend. We get so many compliments on her since she is totally adorable. We always recommend you as breeders.
Thank you,


Announcing....... Primitive Pups dog apparel & accessories!!!

   Since I love dogs as well as sewing, it just makes sense that I would sew for dogs! =)
We are offering a wide selection of items from dog blankets to bow ties, 100% organic hemp collars and leashes as well as dog diapers and small dresses. We are also taking in custom orders for those who want something we don't have made already.
 So, check out our new store available on our website,

Ready to go!

Whether we like it or not.....these five precious little boys are ready for their new homes!
Contact us soon so you can adopt one of these babies for yourself!! We currently have four still available.

Wheatie playtime!

These little sweethearts were having a blast running outside today in the lovely sunshine and I just couldn't resist snapping some pictures to share with you all! 

                            Sweet little Laura loves to cuddle and play with all the puppies running around.

                                         That camera looks rather like an overgrown fly.....

                            Hmm.....wonder if that little boy over there would like a playmate?
   If one of these babies steals your heart as it has done mine, then contact me here so you can adopt one for your very  own!

Mr. Handsome

Although this handsome boy is spoken for already, his pictures were so adorable, I couldn't resist sharing them with you! I think you'll know why when you see them yourself. =)

                                        Only six weeks old and already a charming little man!
                                                          Total cuteness overload!
                    We are expecting another litter of these little charmers in just a couple days. Contact us soon so you can adopt one of these babies for your very own!

Easter babies!

We have 7 darling babies ready just in time for Easter! What could make a better gift this spring then a sweet new puppy?!
Handsome Logan is all ready to play!

Mr. Leo is ready for a snuggle!

                                                                Little Princess!

Are you my new mommy?! I LOVE you!

A Tail of Two puppies...or.....fourteen!!

We are so excited to announce the arrival of not just one, but TWO brand new litters of wheatie babies born just one week apart!! Miya's beautiful litter of 5 girls and 2 boys were born on Valentines Day and Symphony's litter of 6 boys and 1 girl, (yes, you read that right - she's the only girl this time!)  were born one week later. Contact us soon so you can adopt one of these sweethearts for your very own! If I can manage to part with them! =)

                                                          Miya's two handsome boys!
                                                         And her six lovely ladies!

                                                  Symphony's six guys and her one gal below.

Is there anyone else out there that gets to enjoy 14 of these sweethearts all at once??!! I have a lot of paw prints on my heart right now.......

Our puppies in their new homes!

I was sent these beautiful pictures recently of different puppies we have sold in the last year, and they were too cute to resist sharing them with you!

              This is Miss Lola, an 8 month old Bouvier living with her new family in North Dakota.

    And these two sweethearts are Belle and Rella, sisters who went to the same family just last week! Double fun, and hopefully not double trouble!! =)

       This is Mr. George Washington currently residing in Ohio with his new forever family!

See who's growing!!

These little fur balls sure don't ever stop growing! They are four weeks old now and are crawling around exploring the world with much curiosity!!
                                                               ~~Sweet Bella~~
                                                         ~~Prim Miss Bianca~~
                                                               ~~Sweet Little Bonnie~~

                                                            ~~Mr. Handsome Bentley~~
                                                 (he's already gotten his "wink"s down pat.)

                                And last, but certainly not least, is Mr. Baxter, cute as a button!